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Data 2011-04-07

We are proud to announce that on 16 July 2009 our company made its debut on the NEWCONNECT market, which was the crowning achievement of our many years of effort. This is one of a series of previous successes, among which one of the most important was becoming ISO certified twice.

„Our debut on the New Connect market is an important milestone in the development strategy followed by our company. Thanks to the investments we made in previous years in expanding the production line and the acquisition of sources of raw materials, our company is a leading player on the European market of this niche raw material. In the future we plan to move to the main list of the WSE and finance the extension of product distribution channels by new stock issues.
Jacek Dziedzic — President of the Board.

„This year we will complete the second stage of the extension of our new production enhancement line. Based on many years’ experience supported by cooperation with leading research centers we developed a unique technology, which is unique on a global scale and thanks to which we produce the microsphere faster, more cost-effectively and while meeting the strict quality requirements of our customers. The technology is the source of our competitive advantage and will help us in the years to come to strengthen EKO EXPORT’s position on the market.”
Zbigniew Bokun — Business Development Manager of the company.