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Stock Exchange
Data 2011-04-07

We are pleased to announce that on 28 December 2010 our company made its debut on the Main List of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. It is the culmination of the current dynamic development of the company. The entry also means another step on the road of Eko Export’s development.

"Our company is the European leader in the production of the microsphere - an organic material with unique properties used in the automotive, construction, oil and other industries. The vast majority of our customers are European and American companies, though we are also noticing an increasing interest of Polish companies in the microsphere.

Eko Export creates products for the most demanding customers. Most you are very likely to be using our microsphere, since the sound insulation of European luxury cars is one of the applications of our product.

Thanks to its presence on the WSE, the reliability of Eko Export will improve and it will be possible to win even more interesting contracts. At the same time, the listing on the Main List opens the way for our company to additional stock issues to finance profitable and dynamic projects.

Why it is worth investing in Eko Export?

1. The company is headed by a proven and experienced team.

2. We represent an innovative industry with a large growth potential.

3. We carry out attractive, profitable capex projects. We have a history of projects completed thanks to stock issues on the New Conect market and are working on new projects.

These advantages have translated into an increase in the Eko Export stock price on the New Connect.

Special thanks to our most important partners - wonderful, persistent investors who believed in our vision and who were with us during this fascinating journey. It is thanks to you, investors that our achievements were possible and I am immensely satisfied that that our work is reflected in a consistent increase in the quotation of Eko Export stock.

- Jacek Dziedzic President of The Board.


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