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Data 2011-04-07
Data 2011-02-22

Today new photos of a finished capex project were published, i.e., the construction of a heat exchanger, a drying system and automatic handling line.

Please visit the Gallery.

Data 2011-02-18

Today Eko Export obtained consent to publich the following report on its website.

Report of the BZ WBK Brokerage House.

Data 2011-01-27
Below is the article originally publiched by Interia.pl portal.
Data 2010-12-28
On 28 December 2010 Eko Export S.A. made its debut on the Main List of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.
Data 2010-12-15
The Financial Supervision Commission approved the Prospectus of Eko Export S.A.
Data 2010-12-01

On 1 December 2010 the mounting of pipes for hot air distribution in production facilities began.

Data 2010-12-01

On December 1 a new automatic handling line was installed.

Data 2010-12-01

On 1 December 2010 automatic gates were installed on the handling line.

Data 2010-11-30
On 29 November 2010 Puls Biznesu published an article on the New Connect boom.
Data 2010-11-23

We present you a new loading platform and the end of the handling line for forwarding.